Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow!  Here we are past the mid point of May, and June is peeking right around the corner.  Time to start thinking about summertime, summertime, sum- sum- summertime!

Back in March, we ran a hot promotion that people jumped all over:  10% off our base stage rental rates, plus our basic 3-ton grip package was included with every rental.  So, thanks to popular demand, we will be doing our part to stave off June gloom by running this same promotion next month.  Be sure to mention this great deal when you call or email us to book your next stage rental.

As usual, we've enjoyed a varied mix of productions at our facility over the past two months.  College Humor was here again, this time shooting their own unique and hilarious version of a popular kids' show.  The best part of the shoot involved a beautifully trained cappuchin monkey that thrilled cast and crew by perching on their heads during takes.

Sofia Coppola and her talented cast and crew shot a spectacular car crash gag for her upcoming feature, "The Bling Ring."  The film is based on the real-life band of teen thieves who burgled the homes of several famous celebrities.

During the month of April, our Stage B spachship sets were working at warp speed with three separate companies shooting on them; One lensed part of a feature, one returned for pick up shots for a film festival entry, and the other shot a huge webisode project.  After 20 years, these vintage sci-fi sets are still going strong.   

Check back for more updates, promotions, and news in general.   Until then, y'all take care.


     Mary Claypool                     Patrick Mason
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