Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hailing frequencies open!

Seems like a light year since we last communicated. We bring overdue salutations and news from our quadrant.

The news is that our large set, otherwise known as "the observation deck," was just redesigned and refortified. Our deck now offers additional useable floor space, sturdier decking, and is more versatile for camera setups and performances. If you're looking for amazing science fiction spaceship sets for your next project, come check us out.

And in case you aren't aware, our Stage B with the standing sets also offers upstairs, furnished production offices including a large conference room, wardrobe room, and make-up station along with a fully equipped kitchen on the first floor. As always, we provide ample parking, a supply of folding tables and chairs for your crew, Wi-Fi, cleaning fee, and a rubbish haul with every rental. Such a deal!

Need a green screen? Look no further! Our Stage A with its oh-so-lovely two-wall hard cyc offers a spacious 65' long, 16' high, and 30' deep background for your process photography. Kino-Flo Image 80 lights on the overhead cyc grid provide the perfect fill light and are included with Stage A rental.

Plan a scout to our end of the system, and see our stages for yourself. It's well worth the trip.

Signing off,

           Mary, Lex, Patrick, and Daniel

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