Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Greetings from LCS:

Due to overwhelming response to our last blog posting announcing the imminent end of our Stage B spaceship sets, we have postponed removal of the sets.  The phone was ringing off the hook--apparently everyone in town suddenly needed a spacey sci-fi setting.  As a result, we will oblige our clients and keep the sets standing through the end of January, and possibly through the end of February, depending on the demand.

We are still planning to install a white cyc on Stage B eventually, including other amenities such as a kitchenette, upstairs production offices, and more.

LCS is also offering a discount through the end of this year to members of the Digital Cinema Society--20% off our base stage rentals.

That's it for now, but check back for more updates.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

                                Mary Claypool, Rental Manager

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hi folks,

Hot out there, isn't it?  Well, we can help you out with our cool summer deal. Throughout the month of September, Laurel Canyon  Stages is offering a 10% discount off all rentals.  And that's not just off a few services, that's off the bottom line cost of your entire rental!  Talk about savings!  Call us crazy, but definitely call us!

The last few months were jammed-packed with rentals.  Apologies to those of you who we had to turn away, but please don't forget about us.  We still love you.

And here's the big news:  After many years of faithful service, our standing science fiction spaceship sets will be going into retirement.  Yes, it's true.  We have decided to remove the sets and build a white screen to meet the ongoing demand for blanc backgrounds.  The sets are not scheduled for removal until October or possibly November, so if you've been itching to shoot that sci-fi/thriller/underwater/space music video/alien autopsy project, now is the time before it's too late.

For those of you who are Digital Cinema Society members, keep in mind that Laurel Canyon Stages is extending a 20% discount to you (this promotion cannot be combined with other offers).

Stay tuned for more news and updates.  Stay cool!

Mary Claypool, Administration                   Mike Walsh, Operations Manager

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating our new arrival!

Hi everybody!

We are thrilled to announce our new arrival:  A beautiful bouncing GearNex camera head!  Actually, there is no bouncing--quite the contrary.  The precision movement on this gorgeous piece of equipment is as smooth as the proverbial baby's behind.  We're eager to show it off, so come check it out.  As an authorized GearNex dealer, we are selling these heads out of our on-site expendable store, plus we plan to schedule GearNex demonstrations and seminars at our facility toward the end of the year.  Keep an eye on our blogs for information on these and other upcoming events.

Upgrade update:  Our overhead lighting grid on Stage A has been expanded!  It now measures over 50' X 100', which covers the green screen and most of the stage floor area.   Plus, due to popular demand, we have added directors chairs and new lightweight, 6' folding tables to our rental inventory.  We try our darndest to meet the stage rental needs of our clients, so when you talk, we listen.  Your feedback is always welcome, because we take suggestions and comments into serious consideration.

Well, gotta go.  It's busy, busy, busy right now.  Catch you later.

        Mary Claypool, Administration         Mike Walsh, Operations Manager

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello everyone,

It's been a while since our last blog, and much has happened around LCS in that time.

Aside from our on-going facelift and a steady stream of rentals, we are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new on-site expendable store.  We now offer a range of commonly-used stage supplies such as adhesives, batteries, black wrap foil, gels, rope, work gloves, electric meters, and a lot more, including office and janitorial supplies.  No more on-set delays because your grip is out of clothes pins; spare your poor production assistant from scouring the city in search of coffee cups and WD-40 at 1am Sunday morning; tell your AD or coordinator not to worry--we stock plenty of paperclips, staples, and scissors.

We have also been listening to suggestions and comments from some of our clients who are independent filmmakers and DSLR content providers.  In order to meet their specific production needs, we will be carrying camera and grip gear/equipment from Modern Studio Equipment and lighting kits from Cinemills.

The bottom line is we are here to provide your production with an excellent stage experience and to offer freedom from inconveniences that detract from accomplishing your film, photo, or video project.  If you've never been to our stages, we invite you to schedule a tour.  If you haven't been here in a while, you'll be impressed by all the upgrades.  And remember... our coffee is always fresh, tasty, and free.

    Mary Claypool, Administration             Mike Walsh, Operations Manager

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greetings one and all.

Things are busy, busy, busy around here--not only with upgrades and renovations, but productions have been pounding at our doors.  Let's hope it's a sign that the economy is picking up.

The other day, the popular web series "The Guild" shot some game-world footage on our green screen stage.  What a delightful, fun, and talented bunch.  We can't reveal any plot spoilers about what they where shooting, but judging from what we got to see, it's no surprise why the show is a huge hit.

Last month, Immigrant Films shot a brilliant interstitial that will be shown on the Jumbotron screens at the soccer World Cup in South Africa.  They brought in a ton of dirt, repainted our cyclorama to resemble an African savannah, and dressed the dirt foreground with foliage.  The set looked amazing, as did the costumes and props.

A slew of commercials have been pouring in, as well as music videos, promos, and even full-length indies.  Each production is unique, but some are more so than others.  Like the time the Challenger Space Center shot on our spaceship sets for a Korean theme park attraction.  Dr. William Gutch, the DP, is also a rocket scientist (no joke!), and he trained in photography in case he had to hop onto the space shuttle at a moment's notice in order to capture footage of cosmic phenomena.  I doubt there's an on-line course for that.

The History Channel shot on our spaceship sets, too.  According to the producer, it was an alien re-enactment.  "You mean 'dramatization?'" I asked.  He looked at me and slowly said, "Ri-i-i-ght..."  Hmmm...  Does he hold inside knowledge about Area 51?

I am an Animal Planet fan, and I was thrilled when they taped several episodes here.  My favorite was the Animal Planet Christmas special.  It was a regular Noah's Arc on our Stage A green screen:  A camel, elephant, llama, dogs, monkeys--all kinds of critters.  I recall that the wolves stood stock still in their kennels and stared intently at the squirrels and other small creatures.  They eventually had to be moved outside, because they made their furry co-stars too nervous to perform.  I also recall that we had to include a special "clean-up clause" for that particular rental.

We realize that each production has its own individual and specific needs.  Our goal is to be flexible for our clients and to offer an excellent and self-sufficient environment in which to achieve their production goals.  Come by and see what we have to offer.  The tour is free and so is the coffee.

Best regards,

Mary Claypool, Administration                  Michael Walsh, Operations Manager

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Greetings from Laurel Canyon Stages!  The big news is that our stages are undergoing major changes in the way of renovation, equipment upgrades, and stage management.  LCS is now able to offer clients a wide array of lighting, electrical, and grip equipment, as well as industrial lifts (forklifts, scissors lifts, cherry pickers, etc.).

In addition, we are proud to announce that Laurel Canyon Stages has become an authorized dealer of the GearNex camera gear head from CineToys, LLC.  The innovative precision device was recognized at this year's NAB event in Las Vegas, winning the Best of Show Videy Award for Videography.

Plus, we are meeting the needs of our clients by not only offering flexible equipment packages, but a new full-service expendable supply store is in the works.  Need gels, tape, sash cord, and other goodies for your crew at the last minute?  We'll have it.   Come on in!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new postings, updates, and upcoming specials.
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