Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greetings one and all.

Things are busy, busy, busy around here--not only with upgrades and renovations, but productions have been pounding at our doors.  Let's hope it's a sign that the economy is picking up.

The other day, the popular web series "The Guild" shot some game-world footage on our green screen stage.  What a delightful, fun, and talented bunch.  We can't reveal any plot spoilers about what they where shooting, but judging from what we got to see, it's no surprise why the show is a huge hit.

Last month, Immigrant Films shot a brilliant interstitial that will be shown on the Jumbotron screens at the soccer World Cup in South Africa.  They brought in a ton of dirt, repainted our cyclorama to resemble an African savannah, and dressed the dirt foreground with foliage.  The set looked amazing, as did the costumes and props.

A slew of commercials have been pouring in, as well as music videos, promos, and even full-length indies.  Each production is unique, but some are more so than others.  Like the time the Challenger Space Center shot on our spaceship sets for a Korean theme park attraction.  Dr. William Gutch, the DP, is also a rocket scientist (no joke!), and he trained in photography in case he had to hop onto the space shuttle at a moment's notice in order to capture footage of cosmic phenomena.  I doubt there's an on-line course for that.

The History Channel shot on our spaceship sets, too.  According to the producer, it was an alien re-enactment.  "You mean 'dramatization?'" I asked.  He looked at me and slowly said, "Ri-i-i-ght..."  Hmmm...  Does he hold inside knowledge about Area 51?

I am an Animal Planet fan, and I was thrilled when they taped several episodes here.  My favorite was the Animal Planet Christmas special.  It was a regular Noah's Arc on our Stage A green screen:  A camel, elephant, llama, dogs, monkeys--all kinds of critters.  I recall that the wolves stood stock still in their kennels and stared intently at the squirrels and other small creatures.  They eventually had to be moved outside, because they made their furry co-stars too nervous to perform.  I also recall that we had to include a special "clean-up clause" for that particular rental.

We realize that each production has its own individual and specific needs.  Our goal is to be flexible for our clients and to offer an excellent and self-sufficient environment in which to achieve their production goals.  Come by and see what we have to offer.  The tour is free and so is the coffee.

Best regards,

Mary Claypool, Administration                  Michael Walsh, Operations Manager
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