Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello everyone.

I hope you are all surviving this heat and humidity with appropriate L.A. coolness.  But we can count our blessings; LCS extends heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to all those on the East Coast who suffered through the onslaught of Hurricane Irene.

Okay, onto the heavy news.  Just over a week ago, a production shot an enormous high-speed set up on our Stage A.  Admittedly, we were a bit nervous to green light the rental as the gaffer and DP wanted to hang multiple 10Ks, 15 5Ks, extra distro and cabling from our grid.  Last year, we extended the grid from our two-walled green screen out over the rest of the stage.  The old cyc grid is not equipped to hang an abundance of weight, but the new old could probably support a truck.  Well, this proved to be the big weight test.  The multitude of lights and cabling was hung, and the grid supported all the equipment including a huge two-curtain green screen.  Suffice to say that Stage A is well hung.

Among our many ongoing and planned upgrades, we will be replacing the lighting grid directly above our green screen and replacing it with a heavy-duty one that will be as big-boy as our newer grid.

Hey, check out "John Stamos Guide to Cuddling" on the College Humor website.  John Stamos and his good bud Bob Saget were chewing up the scenery in one CH's latest comedy sketches.  Hilarious, but I laughed until my sides ached when I watched the behind-the-scenes materials.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Well thrill-seekers, that's it for now.  More news is just around the corner...

        Mary Claypool, Rental Manager

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