Friday, August 9, 2013


Peace, love, and harmony to all.

Yes, the summer of love at LCS is back, because we love our clients.  And to express our ardor, we are offering 25% off any of our lighting packages during the month of September. But wait, that's not all!  Also throughout September, clients can take advantage of a discounted weekly rate on our 19' scissorlift--$300 for a 3-day week!  Such a deal!

Onto the latest and greatest news.  I realize a lot of time passes between blogs, but we've been too bogged to blog.  Since April, our stages have provided settings to a wide variety of productions, from student theses to large union gigs.  

Most recently, a family-friendly film shot on our Stage A.  The storyline centered around young competing martial artists, and the talent was kick-ass! (no pun intended).  Teen and pre-teen world champions did fight scenes that did not look humanly possible, and they made it look effortless.  In my opinion, the highlight of the shoot was having martial arts figureheads on set, among them, Danny Inosanto and Benny Uriquidez on set.  Danny was a star pupil of the late Bruce Lee, and Benny was a world champion kickboxer--he played an assassin who tried to kill John Cusack in "Grosse Point Blank".  Aside from being icons in their field, they were all charming gentlemen who just enjoyed being a part of the film.

Sci-fi is still going strong--our spaceship sets have never been busier.  A dramatic feature entitled, "The Last Scout" shot here in May and is due to be out this year--watch for it.  Our ships were also the setting for an alien bar and off-planet dating show in a fantastic music video lensed by Neil Johnson.  One of my favorites this year was Comedy Central's Key & Peele, who taped some hilarious stuff on our both our stages.  Check out our Facebook page for clips and downloads.

We've had a number of brilliant student productions through our stages shooting film projects for school theses.  If you are a student looking for a great stage, contact us for more information about our student discounts.

We'll try not to let months pass before posting a new blog, so check in for new news and the latest updates!  Until then, peace out!


                                            Mary, Patrick, Daniel, and Lex

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