Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hi everybody!

Hope your year is going well so far.  

LCS has enjoyed a range of fun and interesting productions on our stages since the new year began. 2014 so far has brought in a line-up of music videos, student and independent productions, commercials, and a couple pilots to our stages. 

In January, Billy Ray Cyrus shot an entertaining, space-themed hip-hop reboot of "Achy Breaky Heart" on our spaceship sets, replete with a bevy of sexy aliens, and a guest spot by Larry King, no less.  Check it out on Youtube.

In between rentals, we always try to improve our facility and expand the amenities we offer. A few weeks ago, we modified an area of our space ship sets.  A partially open area we refer to as the "truss room" that featured two diagonal floor-to-ceiling struts was revamped.  The diagonal struts are gone, allowing more usable floor space for shooting and camera maneuverability.  In addition, the set's ceiling now has movable sections, which offers greater functionality and lighting.

One of the perks of our jobs around here is when exotic animals come to work or visit.  Last week, Hollywood Animals paid a visit with two of their young tigers, Denali and Annika. Denali was here last October, and at the time was a mere 18-month-old cub.  Now, she's a strapping Bengal/Siberian-mix tigress.  Beautiful and well behaved, she and newcomer, Annika, scoped out our place sniffing every inch.  The owners, Eric and Bettina Weld, occasionally bring their animal actors-in-training by our stages to acclimate them to production environments.

Just yesterday, Hollywood Animals brought another one of their furry performers--Bam Bam, a huge brown bear--for a comedic commercial shoot.  As big and intimidating as he appears, the gently-trained Bam Bam is easy-going and always hits his cue, especially when his incentive is a marshmallow.

Even though we've been busy, we like being busier.  As an enticement to renters, we are running a Spring special throughout the month of April:  25% off all LCS grip and lighting equipment rentals.  Bookings must occur or begin within the month of April, and you must mention this discount in order to receive the promotional rate.

Stay tuned for more news, more discounts, and more updates.  

          Mary, Patrick, Daniel, Travis, and Andy

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