Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hi everybody!

The last time I posted our blog, our big beautiful cyc had just been painted a wonderful white to meet the demands of renters who need this color.  Now, in order to meet our renters' needs again, we have returned the cyc to glorious green.  We have the capability to switch between colors quickly and affordably--rather chameleon-like, wouldn't you say?  If you need green, then go, go, go and contact us for appointment to see our stages.

As usual, Stage B with the longest-standing science-fiction spaceship sets in the biz have been busy. A slew of student productions, music videos, indie shorts, commercials, internet projects, and photo shoots have shot here so far this year.  We even had a pair of beautiful foxes--yes, real foxes--here during a recent production.  Foxes in space--sounds like a bad '60's sci-fi with buxom starlets.  

Every now and again, I want to acknowledge one of our business support companies.  A big shout out to Bulldog Equipment Inc. in Santa Clarita.  Bulldog is a family-owned and operated high-lift equipment rental company that offers a wide range of scissor lifts, boom lifts, fork lifts, and more for the entertainment industry.  Great service, great rates.  Check 'em out at bulldogequipmentrentals.com 

Keep an eye open for our upcoming beat-the-heat summer specials!

Until then...


          Mary, Patrick, Daniel, Travis, and Andy
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