Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello everyone,

Again, an extended span of time between blogs. What can I say? Much has happened this year, and claiming that we have been busy is an understatement.

Our year for stage rentals started off without much ado, but the momentum gathered with a vengeance. We have enjoyed seeing our stages filled with the usual array of productions large and small, music videos, reality shows, commercials, science fiction shorts, student projects, etc. We have welcomed new and old clients alike, and we are exceedingly pleased that this town is bustling.

In our continuing efforts to improve our facility, we have acquired some new furnishings and amenities for our stage offices in the way of tables, chairs, and rolling wardrobe racks. Our exterior landscaping is currently undergoing a major change--we have removed the towering eucalyptus trees and stumps, and we will be planting smaller, safer and more attractive flowering trees. The front area will be reseeded for grass, and the perimeter fenced in for improved security allowing our guests and renters to relax or enjoy meals in a protected park-like setting. Many more upgrades and improvements are in the works.

But some changes come with a heavy heart. We are both sad and happy that our site rep, Daniel Bither, will be leaving LCS, his last day being July 28. Daniel, who has been with our company since August of 2011, will be striking out on a new career path. Daniel has contributed enormously to our growth and success, and he will be sorely missed. He is looking forward with excitement to starting his new profession, and we are very happy for him. Thank you, Daniel. We wish you every success. 

As one door closes, another opens. Please welcome our newest employee, Saul Salazar. Saul came to us as an intern from Mission College, and we were so impressed with his work ethic, diligence, intelligence, and that fact that he showed up showered and on time, we hired him. Seriously, Saul is a great guy, and we are lucky to have him.

Thank you for checking in with us. Please check back in the future for further updates. Until then, happy trails!


    Lex, Mary, Patrick, Daniel, Saul, and Portia

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